Tuesday, August 04, 2009

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

From the point of learning about this type of computer ability I have been interested. To connect to your home network from anywhere in the world as if you are there physically is quite an astounding phenomenon. If you don't believe me, then I guess you have never wanted to print a file to your printer while you are away from home or listen to your MP3s that are only available on another computer. That and you really aren't concerned with encrypting your traffic while you're on a free wifi location. I guess your email, IM, or Facebook password aren't that important to you then.

I'd rather not run into that kind of situation. That's why I have been looking at different tutorials on how to set up my own VPN server on a Ubuntu computer. At some points, such as subnets, I become confused. If anyone out there knows anything about VPNs, subnets, or related networking ideas please help me out. Otherwise, I might get back to this project later and help you out with a clear tutorial. By the way, the software I'm looking into is called OpenVPN. Leave me your helpful comments, thanks!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Google Voice Review

Alright, everyone. This is of something you should take note. Google acquired GrandCentral and is now pursuing using the service for themselves. Luckily I have received my Google Voice account and have my own Google phone number, yay me. Now let me actually get to how this could help you out.

If you have multiple phones, say a house phone and a cell phone, you can set up Google Voice to ring the house phone, cell phone, or both depending on who calls. If you aren't able to answer either phone, then the personalized voicemail for that person will play (if you set it up). So you can greet them specifically the way you choose and they can leave you the message.

If you are away from your phone and would like to check those messages, you will be able to do so online via Google Voice. You can sign in and read/listen to those voicemails. Yes, I did say read the voicemails. Google evidently has software that will guess at what words are being said and provides you with a rough transcript to read. I believe it does a pretty decent job. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even embed those voicemails online for others to listen to them. That's just a warning for anyone who would choose to leave less than decent messages in my voicemail.

Google Voice also enables you to SMS online with your contacts. You can send them from your computer for free, and you should be able to reply to them for free. That's if you avoid actually sending or receiving them with your own phone since mobile rates would apply. As I understood the instructions, you can avoid sending the messages to your phone by not indicating that your phone is your mobile phone. Use this information at your own risk. I won't pay for your mistakes.

There are many more features that I have not had the pleasure of trying out just yet, but let me name a few just to get you curious: ListenIn, Call Record, Call Switch, Call Screening, and Call Blocking. Those are just some of the nice features that you should really look into. Comment if you want to know more, or email me if you prefer to do that. email@jeremyself.com

Google Voice About page: http://www.google.com/googlevoice/about.html

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Site Layout

So I've got a new site layout. If you're reading this on Facebook, please go to http://www.jeremyself.com to see what I'm talking about. I would like your feedback on the new layout. I don't want to clutter the page with many elements, but I do want elements that are relevant to the page. Maybe I will begin to add polls to my website. Any suggestions are welcome at email@jeremyself.com Thanks again, everyone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

So I went to the midnight showing of the movie. I would have to say that it was a decent movie that stuck to the main themes of the book. It seemed like there were things taken out of the movie, but that usually happens with a book made into movie. There weren't that many new places shown in this movie in comparison to the other films. Or that's how it seemed. There were maybe three places that we hadn't previously see in the movies. I do have to say that I think that Michael Gambon, who plays Dumbledore in the movies, did a better job at portraying the character. I don't recall much yelling going on. In comparison to the other films, I didn't think there was all that much going on. There is more drama in this movie in comparison to action, in my opinion. From the movies that they have done so far, I would have to say the fourth film (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) had the most action so far. I believe that the last film (with it's two parts) will have the most action. Alright, after saying all that I'll give my score on the film. I'll give it:


Warner Brothers Harry Potter website:

(Poster photo from Wikipedia.org, which will be taken down if requested)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Xbox Live Arcade: Aegis Wing review

Since doing two other Xbox Live Arcade reviews, I figured I should do more. This review is for the game known as Aegis Wing. It is also a 2D sidescroller type game. This game was actually free, and you can download it to your xbox 360 for free if you have a silver or gold xbox live account by going here. Once there click the link that says "Full game." From there you will log into your xbox live associated email and you will be able to send the game to your xbox 360. The game itself is simple. You are controlling a space ship that must avoid getting shot to death while fighting your way through the levels. There are a total of 4 power ups that you can use. One shoots a laser beam that destroys anything in its path. Another creates what seems to be an EMP field where the ships stop functioning and you can shoot them down. The next is a multiple-shot weapon that shoots enemy seeking missles. The last of the power ups is just a shield. With the shield you can deflect enemy fire back to them. I have not beaten this game yet, but it is loads of fun. You get 5 lives per level. If you use them up then you must start over. So far I have only managed to get 2 achievements. I can expect to get the rest later. My final score for this game is:


It would be nice to have better graphics and a few more options, but the game is definitely good for the price range (again, it's free!). You have nothing to lose, but you have achievement points to gain. Download it now if you get the chance.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Xbox Live Arcade: Mega Man 9 review

The same person who recommended Braid to me, also recommended Mega Man 9. I must say upfront, Mega Man 9 was not as exciting. It's a 2D sidescroller (this is arcade, people). That's about all I can say at this point. I didn't have the dedication to complete the 1st demo level. I guess it could just be me... From what I attempted, the controls were very simple. There is quite a bit to think about when playing this game. You have to pace yourself. If I wanted to try to run through the game there would be something popping up to kill me. When I died, the level started over completely. That's something I really don't like in games. Other than all of that the game was good for thinking on demand about what to do in a situation. If you don't think of how to get through the situation quick enough you'll be dead. My score for this game will be:


For a game that I wouldn't even finish that's more than enough. Don't trust me on this issue though. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you have to say about it.

Xbox Live Arcade: Braid review

Someone suggested the game to me, so I downloaded the demo. My review of this game is based only the demo. Braid is a very interesting game. It's a puzzle game, but the factor of being able to manipulate time makes it more interesting. You play in a 2D sidescroller style game. I believe the objective of the game is to obtain map pieces from different areas -- in the demo anyway. I believe the true goal of the plot is to rescue some princess (remember Zelda?). On the demo you had to think about the timing of when to jump on something or the sequence of how you would go about solving the puzzle. I found it pleasantly entertaining. I'm pretty cheap, so I doubt I'd buy the full version of the game myself. If I was given money to buy it I definitely would. I would recommend it to you as well if you haven't tried it out already. The score I give this game would have to be:


There's always room for improvement in games, so I doubt I will ever give a 10/10 score. Other than that, puzzle games just aren't really my genre.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just try it, please!

If you haven't noticed (or the code isn't working anymore), I have a linux counter at the bottom of this page. That tells the world that I am a user of linux. Ok, linux may be a topic for another day. The topic I would like to stress to everyone is to try Mozilla's Firefox. It's a different browser, that's all. I've noticed from the statistics of most of my recent readers that they are using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer isn't bad, and I know there are those who use it just because it is their preference. The only thing I ask of you is that if you haven't tried Firefox, I urge you to give it a go. It's free. It is a legitimate browser. Just search Google if you would like to read reviews. I ultimately prefer Firefox.

You can have themes, extensions, and security updates that matter(click here to see a Internet Explorer comparison). If you would be willing to try it out then you can go to their download here and test it out. If you don't like it, then uninstall it. No harm done. If you have any specific questions that I could answer for you, please email me at email@jeremyself.com.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

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