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Jeremy Self

Mainframe programmer who also happens to enjoy coding in Python.

Covid-19 and Halloween

With Covid-19 taking over the year, there has seemingly been more work than ever. I’m still working on projects in Python, but I’ve been considering starting something up in Rust or C. I have plenty of books on C, but have been frustrated in some aspects before that kept me from progressing further. You know how Python makes types so easy…that’s one of my problems… I should have more patience for that now. Also trying to pick up REXX at work.

Halloween is almost upon us. I expect it will be the least exciting Halloween yet… Don’t expect to really go anywhere or do anything. May hope there aren’t took many trick-or-treaters so I can get some of that leftover candy. Have had more time to watch the usual movies for the season though now that I’ve been working from home most of the year. Just put something on after work or before bed. Eh, that’s a good enough update after such a break. I’ll see if I can start posting code logs or something to help myself improve on things.